Would you like to be able to put surveys anywhere on your web pages? This survey generator gives you an easy way to do that! The application is lightweight and does not need a database.

Here are some things you can do with surveys.

Survey Generator is available in three packages (links to GitHub): Stand-alone Version, Wolf CMS Plugin, and WordPress Plugin

How does it work?

All you do is write up the questions and answers you want in your survey, and then put the Survey Generator code where you want the survey form to appear on your web site. When someone visits that web page on your web site, Survey Generator shows the form for your survey. If your web visitor submits the form, Survey Generator saves the responses in CSV format, which Excel and other applications can open natively. Survey Generator can also summarize the responses to a survey and return the results as HTML tables.

Thank you for trying Survey Generator. Your feedback is welcome at rhallsey at yahoo dot com.